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Why Choose Us?

What Makes Carlsbad Dental Care Different?

There are a lot of dentists out there, so what makes Carlsbad Dental Care stand out among the crowd? We have two locations to serve patients in Carlsbad and Encinitas, but that isn’t all that makes us an exceptional place to take care of your dental needs.

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The Caring Difference

Our team isn’t just experienced in the dental industry. We’re also experienced in dealing with patients, making us empathetic and caring in all of our interactions. We also take pride in our skills with difficult patients, children and adults alike. Your fear of the dentist or anxiety over a procedure isn’t something to worry about here – we’ll make sure you’re in good hands.

We also value caring for patients with a high standard of care and at an affordable price. Exceptional dentistry shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy, and we’ll make every effort possible to help you finance your care needs.

The Comfort Difference

Let’s face it – the dental chair can be a bit uncomfortable! At Carlsbad Dental Care, we know and understand that your dentistry experience will be more pleasant if you have a comfortable environment, and we’re proud to make that happen. We can offer a pillow if your neck is sore, a blanket if you’re cold, and a bottle of water if you need something to drink. We also have TVs in every room, so you can relax and watch your favorite shows!

The Technological Difference

Dentistry is undergoing a tech revolution right now, and you should be able to benefit from all of the newest techniques!

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays allow us to better diagnose problems before they would be seen on a regular X-ray. Not only that, but our new digital system delivers less radiation, so it’s better for you too.

Intraoral & Digital Camera

Intraoral and Digital Camera technology allows us to examine the inside of your mouth and allows you to see it at the same time! You can get a whole new perspective on your dental health, and we can visually diagnose problems that we couldn’t see before!

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are an amazing leap forward in tooth replacement. By mimicking the function of the root of your tooth, an implant helps retain bone structure and strength while being the most functional tooth replacement in the industry!

Soft Tissue Laser

We use lasers for soft tissue procedures, such as recontouring your gums and repairing damage caused by gum disease. This amazing technology allows us to instantly stop bleeding, which decreases infection risks and healing time.


CEREC milling technology means that you can get a crown made while you wait, generally in about an hour! We use high-quality ceramics that are matched to your existing teeth and are just as durable as those made in a lab. You’ll walk out with a new tooth in just one visit.

From technology to patient comfort and quality care, Carlsbad Dental Care’s mission is to be the dental provider you can trust and depend on in Carlsbad and Encinitas. To find out more about what makes us exceptional, call our office today at 760-201-4092, or fill out our online appointment request form!