Meet Dr. Victor M. Israel DMD

In my practice, my time is divided into three areas. Not in any particular order, these would be:

  1. Traditional Periodontics - including non-surgical periodontal therapy, osseous surgery, periodontal regenerative procedures, crown lengthening, periodontal esthetic microsurgery, root coverage procedures and gingival grafting;
  2. Implant Therapy - including implant placement, bone grafting, atraumatic extraction with socket preservation, sinus elevation, ridge augmentation, full arch edentulous solutions on 4 - 6 implants and the conversion of a full denture into either a fixed provisional bridge or a locator abutment attachment over-denture;
  3. Oral Surgery - including all simple and complex extractions, socket preservation with guided bone regeneration and bone grafting, third molar extractions including impactions for 18 - 26 year old patients, full arch extractions with alveolectomy, with or without implant placement, and immediate denture delivery. Also, I do pre-prosthetic surgery for the removal of boney exostoses.

The most common procedures I do on a routine basis, are atraumatic extractions with bone grafting and guided bone regeneration, followed by single or multiple implant placement at a later date. I do place immediate implants into extraction sites when the remaining boney socket is just right. For every bone grafting patient, at least one vial of blood is drawn, from which is derived leukocyte-platelet rich fibrin, for hydrating the graft material.

I love my profession and I am passionate about what I do. My moto that I truly live by is “strive for perfection, accept excellence, and try to maintain a gentle touch.” I want happy patients and happy referring doctors. Depending upon the patient load and assisting staff, I am able to see upwards of 20 patients per day including 4-6 surgery patients, consultations, suture removals and healing checks.

My educational background is as follows:

  • UCLA 1972 Bacteriology
  • Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
  • 1975 Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • 1977 Certificate in Periodontology