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Dental Cleanings and Exams

When it comes to preventing damage and decay to your teeth, there’s no better method than regular cleanings. Brushing at home is incredibly important as well, but there are some areas of your mouth that are nearly impossible to reach without professional tools and skills. That’s why Carlsbad Dental Care believes in regular six month cleanings for new and returning patients.

Why Get My Teeth Cleaned Every Six Months?

The “every six months” rule is a general guideline that applies to the most general of patients: someone who cleans their teeth regularly, doesn’t have any dental problems, and eats foods that don’t contribute to excess plaque development. Most patients fall into this category, and whether you should come in every six months or once a year is a matter we’ll discuss during your appointment.

Six months is a good window of time to allow us to see changes in your mouth and oral hygiene. A problem that is too small to be noticed at one appointment will probably be easily spotted in six months. That’s also early enough for us to catch it and treat any damage that has been done to help you avoid oral surgery.

For patients with gingivitis or gum disease, our six month recommendation isn’t a good fit. If we start treating you for either of those problems, we’ll probably want you back every month or two! That way our dentist can track the change in your teeth in a shorter period of time, which helps us figure out what treatments are needed!

What Happens During A Cleaning?

When you come to one of our offices for your dental exams, we’ll start with a digital X-Ray to help us accurately identify and diagnose any potential problems before they get worse. Preventative dental care isn’t just cleaning your teeth – it includes examining your mouth for any sort of anomalies that catch your hygienist’s attention!

Our exams will include an inspection for gum recession, decay, and tooth damage that is hard to notice without the tools to get the job done! We also assess the state of any dental accessories you may already have, such as bridges, dentures, crowns, and implants.

Your bite is also an indicator of your oral health, especially if we have an ongoing record of it! We’ll check to be sure that your bite is properly aligned, and if not, we’ll determine if any treatment is needed to correct it.

Once we’ve completed a thorough exam and made sure that you and your teeth are healthy and happy, we’ll help you relax and get comfortable while one of our skilled hygienists cleans and polishes your teeth to perfection!

New Patients

For our new patients, you’ll be welcomed to our practice with a visit as welcoming as it is thorough! After meeting and greeting our staff, you’ll sit down with Dr. Braunstein, who will talk with you about your dental history and plans for future care. We’ll then perform your X-ray, exam, and cleaning and send you on your way with a plan for continued dental health!

An additional visit can be set up to meet with Dr. Braunstein if you want to go in-depth on your care plan or get an explanation of treatment that we want to schedule with you. We’ll never pressure you into accepting treatment you don’t want, so don’t worry about us talking you into expensive and unnecessary care!

Decay Prevention

Dental cleanings are an important step in preventing decay, but there are several quick and easy decay prevention procedures we can perform to further protect your teeth. We offer fluoride treatments in both regular and varnish form, and we can also prescribe fluoride for in-home use if needed. We also offer dental sealants: an easy way to prevent decay that only takes a minute to do!

For more information about dental cleanings at Carlsbad Dental Care in Carlsbad, CA, call our office at 760-203-5667. You can also schedule an appointment using the contact form at the bottom of each page. We look forward to helping you plan for your dental health with us!